Coffee Mugs



Some of these coffee mugs are likely your old favorites, the “Patch” style. It’s the one that the CMSgt / NCOIC Flight Chief used. You know, the guy who could be heard across the flightline, with rotors spinning and droop stops out. You did NOT want to be the name he was calling? His mug.

On the 11 oz. mug, the emblem is smaller, so don’t be scared.
The 15oz?? This is HIS mug, that fkn lifer! Man, I miss that guy… I’m gonna go hit him up on Facebook.

We also have what is sure to become a new favorite, the “Banner” style. It features an updated look, that features YOUR aircraft, the airframe YOU bled on and cussed, then cried when you learned of her retirement (except you baby hornets with those weird tilty things out in New Mexico). Yep, your Baby.

Just choose the size you want and pick from ANY of our Vanity plates the design you want and add the name you want in the note on the order form, i.e. “Green Hornet 53 mug” or “the one with the tilty thing”, or “the one with the egg beater from the old farts days giving SEA a bad name”, or something similar. If we have doubts, we’ll call you. At a really bad time. And maybe want to catch up on the past 35 years. So be descriptive.

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