Doc Bill


After serving one tour too many in the sweltering polar jungles, our hero (Doc Bill) found himself unable to fit in. Oh, he tried! He even went so far as to get a job that had nothing at all to do with his MOS! But this poor, lonely former Medic could only think of… no… DREAM OF one thing, he didn’t know what it could be! This debilitating, burning desire which came from deep inside could not be satiated, until one day when he arrived in Colorado. Bill sleeps now, he eats, he enjoys nature in all it’s splendor, and what’s more? He gave up most all his VA meds and no longer craves the chaos of war, but the serenity of his soap making classes and once a month hike to some remote hot springs that are said to be occupied by the spirit of a shaman. Still, Bill can’t get off the ibuprofen. It makes him feel dirty to even consider not taking even ONE of his 3 daily doses of 800 mg in one giant pill. So no, you may never be able to give up the magic little pills that cure virtually everything, hydrating and changing your socks won’t, but at least you may not be a miserable prick to everyone around you.


Our creation of Doc Bill and his Happy Vet CBD Products.

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