Moto swag, provocative printed clothing, veteran and front line apparel and some other crap that you might not have seen elsewhere!

We're just starting out and will be adding products as fast as we can.
We have shirts, decals, vanity plates, mugs, and a poster (yes, most of which are for my Air Force veterans), and we'll keep adding more stuff to annoy people soon.

Our UA Fans!

Randy A.
Former Special Operations
MH-53 Crew Chief,  now an Instrument rated commercial aircraft pilot & boat Captain, who also enjoys skydiving & melting snowflakes with conservative truths.

Don N.
Retired USAF helicopter pilot & retired United Airlines pilot.
"Proud to wear the shirts. Keep the United States free and prosperous!"

Scott B.
Retired AF and MH-53 Aerial Gunner.
"The best thing about this country...the men and women of the world's best military that protect the rights and freedoms for everyone in this country...even the opinions of millennial snowflakes!"

Chester F.
Retired USAF MSgt.
MH-53 Crew Chief
Nearly 2 decades on helicopter flight lines. Hard times and good times. It all comes with the job description. The UA shirts make simple statements, yet still say a great deal. Illegitimi non carborundum...

Brad H.
TX68W | Combat medic | 101st (NO SLACK)
Kunar Afghanistan deployment.
"Went in a baby faced kid outta high school, came out with a bad attitude and very unapologetic for hurting your feelings."