About Us

We are a small, close knit group, dedicated to bringing you the most original home and street wear anywhere.

Our official opening was February 3rd, 2021, however, this concept was born over 20 years ago, when people close to "HMFIC" pointed out that his wisdom should be shared with others.

The catalyst that caused this fermenting concentrate to bubble to the surface began with the convergence of COVID lockdown, the #stolen election, the outrageous 2nd impeachment of one of the most Patriotic Presidents this chunk of dirt we call "America" has ever had, and dad spending entirely too much time at home trying to learn 2nd grade math to help his daughter.

The greatness you see before you is the bastard child of several former Special Ops guys, a few frontline personnel, some Jarheads, and literally thousands of people the "HMFIC" has worked closely to, who's personalities, quirks and callousness, he distills into brief yet provocative information for you to cover your body with.

Ultimate Antagonist is working hard to become a "funnel" for funds to various charities, including, but not limited to, Veterans, MWD (K9) charities, and Post Traumatic Event (PTE) support for families of Veterans.

We currently offer quality made T-shirts, Mugs, Vanity Plates, and many other items are on the horizon!

We will be offering specific shirts for specific charities as well, starting with a sketch by a former MH-53J PAVE LOW helicopter crewman, from 1986/87, that we will be selling to support maintenance on one of our beloved retired PAVE LOW helicopters parked permanently at the Eglin USAF armament Museum.

Our brand is Ultimate Antagonist, our mission is to plaster what you're thinking across your chest, for all the world to see.

Release the beast & become an Antagonist!